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About Us

Our Mission

Calvary Kids Learning Center mission is to provide quality care for children under age 5 in a Christian environment, where values are taught and children are academically challenged to prepare them for kindergarten with the desired hope that this care will lead children to continue Christian education.

Our Vision 

We have the focus that each child will receive the stepping stones they need to enter into kindergarten to meet its challenge and that they will receive the foundation of a Christian education that will give them health, hope and happiness that will follow them through life.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of teaching is an electric view. We believe children are all born brilliant, we understand that there are many great methods to use in teaching children in their early months of life to the time they enter into kindergarten. We chose  to use the best of all the methods and blend into a sensational learning program for you and your child. Throughout our day we include many learning experiences focusing on foundational relationships with developmental appropriate practices.

* We will demonstrate the love of God by creating an atmosphere of caring by doing morning healthy checks with parents observing, through touch, communicating and blessing our food before we eat.

* Building self-confidence by following their lead in giving one on one learning time to learn their different learning styles, along with demonstrating healthy eating habits.

*Working on their social and emotional skills teaching and modeling sharing, patience and considering one another by having group times of learning.

* Encouraging creativity in outdoor and indoor play, interacting so that no matter what  in regards to style of learning your child is they will find an education that is suitable to them and finding learning interesting and fun. we seek to partner with each family in regards to the teaching their child will receive during this time of rapid growth and development.